Arbuckle Mountains

The Arbuckle Mountains of Southern Oklahoma

You haven’t experienced true natural beauty in Chickasaw Country until you've explored the Arbuckle Mountains!

An Ancient Mountain Range

Arbuckle Mountains

The Arbuckle Mountains are the highest part of a large area of Precambrian granites and overlying sedimentary strata that were uplifted and deformed some 300 million years ago. Subsequent erosion has exposed features which make the area an outstanding laboratory for students of geology around the globe.

Once reaching several thousand feet above sea level, the Arbuckle Mountains have gradually eroded to their present heights of 300-700 feet above the surrounding terrain. The range is approximately 35 miles east-to-west and 10-15 miles north-to-south. The main part of the range is located in northern Carter County and southern Murray County, approximately 15 miles north of Ardmore and 5 miles south of Davis on I-35. The eastern flank of the ridge is approximately 5 miles south of Sulphur on HWY 177.

The area is an outdoor person's paradise featuring waterfalls, hiking trails, lakes, streams and rivers, camping, and lots of other outdoor activities!

While you're here be sure to visit Arbuckle Wilderness, a drive-thru safari park!

The Arbuckle Mountain area is the proud host of Okla Suave, a one-of-a-kind, annual celebration where families can celebrate their rich traditions and cultures while enjoying beautiful mountain scenery.

If you're staying at one of our rental properties it's very worthwhile to grab your camera, hop in the car and visit the scenic turnouts along the highway.

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